Different Neck Lanyard Hardware: Zooming In To This Small, Yet Helpful, Detail

Lanyard hardware, or the non-fabric part of the lanyard that connects the identification card or other items to the neck lanyard, is a small feature that is often overlooked. But did you know that despite its size it can make a big difference for the lanyard user?

Lanyard hardware comes in different forms, which serves their different purposes. They can be split rings, J-hooks, quick-release, bulldog clips, breakaway connectors, cell phone holders, or even water bottle holders.

Split Rings

Split rings are usually used for identification card neck lanyards. This works best for small and light items that are easily misplaced, such as keys and pens.


Badge holdersJ-hooks are the most commonly used lanyard hardware because they come in a wide range of sizes and styles. They can also carry heavier items than split rings. They’re either swivel or non-swivel, which allows attached objects be rotated. The downside of using this type of hardware is the tension lock, which keeps everything inserted to the hook in place. This might get loose due to constant application of pressure as in the case of regularly switching items, creating a gap where attachments can slipped off unnoticed, significantly increasing the chances of lost items.

Quick-Release Buckles

Quick-release buckles are made of very durable plastic and can be size-squeezed or center-pushed to open. These are best for people who have to switch between ID cards and keys or other small items on a regular basis.

Bulldog Clips

Bulldog clips are another popular choice among neck lanyards for ID cards and other similar-sized objects. It must be squeezed on one end to open the other end, which will then be inserted with the desired item. The main disadvantage of using this hardware is the clipped item can be easily removed without actually opening the clip, causing lost items if pulled away unnoticed.

Breakaway Connectors

Safety will always be among the top concerns in workplaces, leading to the creation of breakaway connectors. Breakaway connectors, also called safety lanyards, have the same mechanism as quick-release buckles; however, you don’t need to push anything on it to separate the neck lanyard and the item attached to it. As long as enough force is applied, the parts will automatically separate. This is created to address the problem of snagged neck lanyards in machines and other places. They can be flat or circular. These lanyards are required in certain production places.

Cell Phone Holders

Cell phone holders also have the same mechanism as side-squeeze quick-release buckles, but with a durable nylon loop that can be carry cell phones. Because cell phones are becoming a staple in both personal life and work, this offers convenience as one can easily reach for their cell phones regardless of what they are doing. No need to remove the cell phone from the lanyard when answering calls as they’re long enough to allow it. However, these are not recommended to use when travelling to other places, especially if outdoors, as cell phones can be easily snatched away with enough force.

Water Bottle Holders

As a way for companies and organizations to encourage members to be more earth-friendly by refraining from buying bottled water whenever outside the house, most companies now have water bottle holders added to their regular ID neck lanyards. These water bottle holders are durable enough to carry a 1-liter bottle. One thing to remember when incorporating this feature to your company neck lanyards is to use softer material for the lanyard to reduce discomfort around the neck. These are increasingly becoming popular as part of the numerous green campaigns of different organizations.

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