Unique Ideas In Designing Your Custom Military Coins

Since the World War I, custom military coins have been part of the military culture. They are important to every military serviceman. In fact, they want to carry it with them all the time.

Military Challenge CoinsEvery military unit has their own challenge coins with different styles. Some of them make the coins as part of their uniform and the others either keep them somewhere safe or display it in their homes. Military coins have different shapes, aside from the usual round ones. Some coins have corners or can have other forms, such as a bottle opener. These bottle opener military coins can be distinguished from other simple custom coins or other kinds of bottle openers because they would have the logo of the military unit on them.

There are various manufacturers that introduce fresh designs and ideas about the different kinds of custom military coins. Most of these coins are unique because of their size, shape, logo, and design.

The different kinds of military coins are done using the following metals:

• Copper
• Copper nickel
• Brass
• Platinum
• Gold
• Silver
• Other metals

The various styles of the military coins as well as their metals vary depending on the significance of these coins in the military unit they are presented. The common military coins are made from the ordinary metals that are not really expensive. A lot of military coins are made from lower quality metal since the servicemen only use them for their identified purpose, which is for the soldiers to carry around their coins at all times. The higher quality, thus more expensive metals of the custom military coins are given as awards to military personnel for their distinguished acts of intelligence or bravery.

The Antique Style

If you want a unique way of designing your military coins, the antique style may be the right one for you. This style allows the coin to have a “vintage” feel and look. These days, the finishing with antique style is quite trendy. Normally, the antique look is done in copper, silver, or gold tones. Those who want to attract attention mostly opt for this style. Because of its look, it easily draws attention and it adds more meaning to the coin. The process of antiquing in custom military coins requires more time than other styles because of the extra effort necessary to do it. This is why the finished product looks extraordinary. By looking at a military coin with antique style, you know that this coin is really special.

Other Designs

Special military coins also have other designs. Aside from the aforementioned bottle opener design, other cut outs are also available. Some people take the shape of the logo of their military unit and make it as their custom coins. Other coin designs include dog tags and medallions. A lot of people, especially those who are connected with the intelligence unit are usually at risk because of the spying job that they do. If they get caught, they will get in trouble if something in their possession would identify them, such as a military coin. So, it will be a good idea to take the form of another thing like dog tags. Likewise, medallions are huge coins and they also signify their own purpose and provide a special look.

Custom military coins now can have their own unique look because of their styles and designs. They can have a special rimmed look and take different shapes apart from the usual round coins. It all depends on the unit officer who will provide the specially minted coins to his members. The most important thing is what the military coin signifies.

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